What makes our team of Dedicated Mandarin Teachers engaging and successful?

We ensure that our teachers possess sufficient experience, international exposure and of course, a deep love for languages. What sets us apart is our excellent mix of native and non-native speakers, which creates a unique blend of different cultural approaches of pedagogies. This allows our teachers to learn from each other and grow as a cohesive unit.

Wang Xueping

Xueping is has worked in a number of companies and has taught Mandarin at Agape School of Education for over six years. Apart from her business knowledge, she is passionate about imparting her deep knowledge of the Chinese culture to her students. Equipped with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of local customs and the way of life in Singapore, she is able to connect well with her students and share with them her love of languages.

Aihua Wang

Aihua has successfully taught thousands of students from all corners of the globe over her past eight years at Agape School of Education. Her talents have brought her opportunities to facilitate corporate courses for embassies and the government. However, she also excels as an individual tutor as her experience allows her to quickly identify a student’s weak points and coach them to success.

Goh Hui Miang (Shine)

For over 23 years, Shine has dedicated herself to teaching languages to children and adults alike. Her bubbly disposition and experience make her classes fun yet educational. Shine conducts basic conversational classes but also has a wide variety of experience facilitating business classes for corporations.

Joan Wang

Joan is a highly experienced teacher who has taught language to children, adults, and corporate courses. Having been with Agape School of Education for 10 years, she is skilled at using analogies to explain points and developing holistic lessons which inspire her students to love the language. Her enthusiasm and patience help her connect her students with Mandarin. Joan is dedicated to providing her students with a strong holistic knowledge.

Ray Lin

Ray Lin obtained his Bachelors degree majoring in English from the Guangdong University for Foreign Studies in Guangzhou China. He later gained his Master’s Degree in Cultural Management from the Institut d'Etudes Supérieures des Arts and an MBA from the INSEEC Business School in Paris, France.

His years of professional work gave him marketing experience across the art and IT industries. After working in China and France for several years, Ray finally settled in Singapore in 2016. Thanks to his varied experience, Ray is fluent in English, Mandarin, French, Cantonese and Teochew. He began his teaching career with Chinese language and culture courses in Paris. After more than 3 years doing part-time teaching, Ray became a full-time Chinese teacher in 2019.

Now, Ray focuses on teaching Conversational Chinese, Business Chinese, customized adult courses and GCE A-Level Chinese. His group and individual classes include both beginner and advanced learners. With many years in commercial marketing and business, he is not only capable of teaching Chinese but can also give insight into China’s business market.

His degree in Cultural Management enables him to go beyond the Chinese language and impart the nuances of Chinese culture to his students. As a multilingual teacher, he is able to understand the common frustrations of learning a language. Additionally, Ray is also able to explain the Chinese language in English, French, Cantonese and Teochew for a deeper level of understanding.

His courses are tailored to improving Chinese language skills in conversational and business situations, as well as, exam preparation. Ray is not just a teacher, but a window to the Chinese language and culture.